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About us

Under the leadership of a team built by 10 PhDs & masters from QINGHUA University, pharmaceutical college of ZONGSHAN university, Chinese academy of forestry, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences etc, JIANGSU SWELLXIN BIO-PHARM, PTY, LTD (described as “SWELLXIN” herein below) is authorized as high-tech enterprise, specializing in the industry of bio-pharmaceutials, bio-neutraceuticals, and flavors & fragrances, not just R&D, but also scale production Starting from bio-tech research, during 10 years’ development, the entrepreneurial team has made quite a number of important achievements, some of which are authorized as leading level both domestic & abroad, also makes an important place both national & international. Finally founded in 2010, located in FREE TRADE ZONE of ZHANG JIA GANG (a harbor city nearby shanghai), here comes JIANGSU SWELLXIN BIO-PHARM, PTY, LTD.

SWELLXIN is now among china top 3 in manufacturing ARTEMISININ derivatives, also supplying this high-effect anti-malaria agents to Global Foundation. Besides, SWELLXIN is one of three main manufacturers worldwide for VINPOCETINE, a vasodilator agent treating stroke disease & Alzheimer’s, with great potential market.

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